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TransAd is the next evolution in display advertising.​

Make your websites stand out from the rest by leveraging the first In-Ad Landing Page™. With our patented technology, we bring consumers all the benefits of a traditional landing page without the need to leave the webpage that is hosting the advertisement. Meaning, you will never be concerned with people dropping off of your webpages because of an ad again.

We Let You
Have Your Cake
& Eat it Too.

Since the emergence of website ads and publishing networks, publishers have faced a dilemma. As a publisher, you are tasked with building a brand that enables and welcomes advertisers on your website. Yet, having more advertisers on your page results in visitors spending less time with your content and more time on your advertisers’ websites.

With TransAd, that conflict disappears. Our In-Ad Landing page is fully interactive, fillable, and customizable. Consumers can even make purchases inside the ad.

It's a Win-Win

It's a

No Lose



You, the publisher, get to keep your website visitors, and you don’t have to worry about losing them to a sweet ad. Better yet, the ad still provides your advertisers with all the tools and lead generation capabilities they seek.

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