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The First
Engagement Optimized
AdTech Platform

The First Engagement Optimized AdTech Platform

Put Creativity & Results

Put Creativity
& Results

at the forefront

at the forefront

TransAd is the next evolution in display advertising

AND the first adtech platform that puts creativity and results at the forefront.

Stop wasting your client’s budget on click fraud and display ads that don’t convert. With TransAd’s patented adtech you can say “goodbye” to those awkward monthly client calls. You and your clients can experience the ease of running next generation display ads leveraging the world’s first In-Ad Landing Page™.

Cookie tracking is dying. Why continue to bet on crumbling technology? TransAd’s technology eliminates cookies and results in more qualified leads and conversions.

The Agency Paradox

Given the costs and limitations of traditional ad tech, agencies often find themselves torn between running creative, impactful ads or bland, cookie-cutter ads and choosing between two competing goals:


Ensuring you effectively translate your client’s brand within the limitations given by ad platforms, while still hitting that client’s specific KPIs.


Staying up-to-date with your competition and trends in adtech so as to make creative and compelling ads that help your client stand out.

Why Not Meet Both Goals?

Figuring out a way to ensure you can do both is a balancing act that usually leads to choosing the first of the above goals, and rightfully so. The agency paradox is finding a way to keep a client loyal through engaging and impactful ads while ensuring its KPIs are met.

With TransAd, you really can have it both ways. Create impressively interactive ads while hitting measurable objectives.

Let TransAd

Let TransAd

Make your wins

Easier Than Ever

Easier Than Ever

You can make sure both your clients and your agency are truly winning. With TransAd’s adtech, you enable your clients to get easy wins while propelling your agency to the forefront of transformative advertising.

It seems like a no-brainer, yes? Let’s level up.
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