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Advertising Agencies and The Cookieless Future

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a broken cookie

Whether Advertising Agencies want to admit it or not – the cookieless future is here. 

A monumental shift is shaking up the advertising industry. Some will thrive in the new environment; others will buckle under the pressure. To thrive during the shift into cookieless advertising, agencies must prioritize investment in new technologies– technologies that make possible an increase in engagement, enable creativity, and put results in the foreground.

Digital advertising has remained largely unchanged since the late ‘90s. The few small changes we saw along the way came with the adoption of pocket sized smartphones and larger and higher-resolution displays. But the look, feel, and functionality of digital advertising stagnated since the early 2000s. 

The one saving grace for digital ads has been the growth in complementary adtech that enabled advertising agencies to track and target their consumers more effectively. From lookalike audience creation to custom CRM lists to demographic databases, this technology enabled advertisers to bring about better performance while, unfortunately, allowing the advertisements themselves to skate by. 

Agencies rarely blame the campaign’s results for click fraud or engagement issues. When agencies conclude that their targeting is off, they will oftentimes accuse data sources and regulatory issues (e.g.: Apple limited location & cookie tracking on their devices) instead of realizing and addressing the real issues at hand. There is a systematic error with the way ads and KPI are tracked that cannot and will not be fixed by just changing a data set. This discrepancy is too ingrained into the advertising industry. However, even though click fraud is one of the largest monetary threats to advertising and marketing, we will tolerate it. Why?  

Why even tolerate click fraud and bad targeting/engagement? Why not demand campaign optimization from the advertisement itself? Because the industry has been stuck inside the “cookie” paradigm.

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In anticipation of a cookieless future, we looked at the way digital ads have traditionally worked. And we realized that the antidote to all of it – click fraud, inaccurate targeting, and low customer engagement – lies in the disappearance of cookies and the development of interactive ads that function without them.

Interactive ads are the next evolution of display advertising.  Our interactive ads allow an advertising agency an unseen level of creative freedom while prioritizing results, qualified leads, and conversions.

To meet budget demands, agencies have traditionally chosen between hyper-optimizing a client’s KPIs or pushing the creative boundaries to produce highly compelling ads designed to make the client stand out. Enter the TransAd adtech platform. It allows your advertising agency to have both. Not only can you create extremely engaging, interactive ads; you will be better able to hit measurable goals for your client. All while never having to worry about cookies or click fraud, which has soaked up so many ad dollars in the past. 

The TransAd platform enables your clients to get easy wins while also establishing your advertising agency as a creative powerhouse within your verticals and industries. 

If your agency is interested in blazing trails and leading the way into the cookieless future, set some time on our team’s calendar for a TransAd demo and step into the next evolution of display advertising.