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The Next Evolution in Display Advertising

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A display advertisement shown on a smartphone

Digital display advertising has remained largely unchanged since the late 1990s – and it’s not aging well. 

Display advertising is a dominant force in the marketing world. After playing second fiddle to search for multiple years, display advertising made huge gains with the mass adoption of social media and smartphones and has reigned supreme ever since. A recent eMarketer post puts it this way:

Total digital ad spending will reach $455.30 billion this year. Of that, 55.2% will go to display advertising, and 40.2% will go to search. As recently as three years ago, the gap between display and search was only around 10 percentage points, but now it is 15, equating to $68.12 billion more in spending for display than for search.

This exponential growth in display advertising is not surprising given all of the circumstances surrounding the technology. However, what does come as a surprise is how little technological development and innovation the advertising industry as a whole has seen with display advertising. For decades, display advertising has relied on cookies to enable targeted serving to an advertiser’s brand or product. But as we all know, cookies are on their way out. Once Google fully steps away from cookies, that technology is going to be forgotten just like Adobe Flash. 

If it’s true that necessity is the mother of innovation, I guess it’s time to innovate. 

Looking toward the future of display advertising, there is a clear standout poised to take the market share.

a man looking at interactive display advertisements on his phone

Interactive Display Advertisements

Interactive display ads open up huge possibilities for agencies, publishers, and advertisers. With interactive display ads, ad agencies can meet a client’s KPIs and build creative, never-before-seen actions within the ads. Having this level of creative control is something creative agencies have been yearning for. One of the top benefits for publishers is their ability to feed their visitors a newer, more highly engaging ads on their websites without ever having to worry about losing those visitors in the leap to an advertiser’s landing page. Most importantly, advertisers can also take advantage of this new technology to collect highly qualified leads while eliminating click fraud within their campaigns, reducing their ad spend by an average of 45%. In addition, this gives advertisers more leverage in how they produce ads with new extensive set of engagement features, never existed before. More engagements for less spend.

Clearly, Interactive Display Advertising is the Future of Advertising.

The team at TransAd is proud to say we are the only real player in this space, leveraging our technology to build the first-ever In-Ad Landing Page™. TransAd enables anyone within our platform to maximize their return on ad spend, increase their engagement, and provide data-driven results. 

Our display ad platform offers two instant benefits:

  1. More user engagement, and
  2. Less ad spend. 

If being a part of the next wave of innovation interests you, set a time on our team’s calendar for a demo of our technology and learn how you can step into the next evolution of display advertising.