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TransAd is the next evolution in display advertising. We focus on maximizing your return on ad spend, increasing your engagement, and providing you with data driven results.

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Understanding the Problem

TransAd was Born out of Frustration.

Running display ads means accepting that you’re going to lose roughly 45% of your budget on fraudulent clicks. In any other industry this would be crazy.

So why is it okay in the advertising and publishing world?

Fake &
Fraudulent Clicks

45% of ad spend is wasted on click fraud totaling over $40 billion in 2019. Buckle in because this number is expected to grow to over $100 billion worldwide by 2023. TransAd’s patented technology (US patent #10,121,163) is on a mission to bring that number down to zero. 

Poor Targeted Engagement

On average only 1 out of every 17,500 impressions will result in a transaction. As if that wasn’t bad enough, impressions alone leave a big data gap in how well you can understand your target consumer.

Lack of
Data Privacy

Over 33% of consumers say they don’t click on ads due to privacy concerns. This is a part of a trend where consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with data privacy.

Let's Break it Down.


Ads designed for the 21st century

Display ads have been largely the same for nearly 30 years and we knew there was a better way to create them.

So, we built it.

At TransAd we leverage our patented technology (US patent #10,121,163) to create an engaging and interactive ad experience without requiring anyone to leave the page. Instead of redirecting to a landing page, TransAd brings the advertisement to consumers and everything happens inside the ad. All ad engagements are secure and use 2048 bit RSA encryption.

Step into the Future of Advertising with TransAd.

The writing is on the wall.

Google will be ditching 3rd party cookies in Google Chrome in 2023. Chrome accounts for over 60% of web traffic and is not something to take lightly. Similarly, Apple is now allowing users to opt-out of their device identifiers being tracked by 3rd party advertisers in iOS.  

The cookieless future is no longer a distant idea. Cookies are destined to die the same painful death flash experienced a few years back.

Either you prepare for the shift or get left behind.